In addition, and as an option, any number of RA-800 Remote Display Units may be added to provide fault status displays  throughout the vessel.

All devices are interconnected by a 2-wire network cable similar to that used for telephone installations. The Master Display Unit (MDU) controls communication with all attached Input Units. System components may be located anywhere on the network cable and the cable may be up to 1000 meters in length.

These features, unique to the AL-8000, provide maximum flexibility in locating components onboard the vessel while
minimizing wiring costs.

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Alarm Monitoring 


Installation and Operations Manual: 

AL 8000 Alarm System
System Overview

The AL-8000 Alarm System allows monitoring of up to 32 different inputs.  This network system consists uses the AL-8000 Master Display Unit and up to four AL-100 Input Units (eight inputs each) located any where on the vessel.
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