The Smartswitch TD 4000 tank Monitor/Pump Control is suitable for diesel, petrol, grey, freshwater and black tanks AND includes the capability to monitor up to (4) tanks, control (2) pumps) and/or monitor up to (4) batteries batteries all in a compact, low cost package.

Simple to install, the TD 4000 comes with two setup options depending on regular or non-rectangular tank shape.  Two point calibration for regular shaped tanks (empty and full) and five point calibration for non-rectangular tanks.

Monitor and control up to 4 Tanks or Batteries or combination of both  

For Tanks:
  • Two or five point calibration means you can monitor any shaped tanks.
  • Solid State micro-processor display head means accurate tank readings.
  • Four inputs so you can monitor up to four tanks/batteries
  • Automatic and Manual control of two pumps 
  • Two display modes allow tank info to be read in percentages and litres/gallons/volts or as a bar graph
  • Programmable alarms means alarm when Grey/Black tanks are full or Fresh/Fuel are empty
  • 12-24 Volt auto-sensing
  • Back-light on or off
  • Custom name individual tanks/batteries i.e. Fresh Port, Black, Grey or house, aux battery or as required
  • Attractive blue LCD display with white text for easy to read display

For Batteries:
  • The TD 4000 can monitor up to 4 batteries using the optional BAT-100   
         (0-30 volt DC)

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TD-4000 Four Channel Tank and Battery Monitoring 

The TD 4000 comes standard with many intelligent features to measure up to four tanks, four batteries, or a combination of both.
TD 4000 Tank/Battery Monitor
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