A message from our Chief of Design…..

Dear Fellow Mariner:  

If you treasure the life and adventure of boating as I do; and value the importance of the safety and reliability that quality products can bring to our sport; you will appreciate this line of products from SmartSwitch Technologies of New Zealand.  

Our design effort has been focused on providing clear visibility into a variety of vessel operations while providing the captain straight-forward and logical control options.  With these objectives in mind, SmartSwitch has produced a family of products that enable monitoring and control of on-board operations crucial to the safe, efficient, and trouble-free operation of ocean-going vessels.
Vessel operations encompassed by our product family include:   

  • Tank Monitoring and Control 
  • Bilge Monitoring and Pump/Fan Control
  • Navigation Light Monitoring and Control
  • General Alarm Monitoring 
  • Yacht-Guard SMS Text Monitoring and Control
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Marine Toilet Control

Designed and built in New Zealand under strict ISO 9000 quality standards, these state-of-the-art systems have been supplied to the marine industry since 2002.  Today they are proving themselves on hundreds of vessels in and around Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.  

The SmartSwitch Research and Development Team has developed these systems specifically for the marine environment using proven techniques and materials which will ensure a long life at sea.  The technology we have employed has been used successfully for over than twenty-five years in the most demanding factory-floor environments around the world.  Generally referred to as “distributed intelligence” or “network-based systems”, this technology, when properly enhanced for the demands of the marine environment, provides a robust platform for vessel operations.  

The beauty of these products lies not only in the sophistication of their operation – you will appreciate the many features which demonstrate a practical understanding of vessel operations – but also their ease of installation and superior reliability - an unbeatable combination.  

For new vessels and those undergoing retrofit, the value of network systems is obvious.  A simple 2-wire network cable (as used for telephone installations) can be laid throughout the vessel and be up to 1000 meters in length.  100% solid state, Input/Output Units perform monitoring and control; are mounted near the actual devices (tanks, bilges, etc); and tied to the network cable.  LCD Master Display Units, providing status display, alarms, and control can be located anywhere on board and connected to the network cable.  This combination of “plug-and-play” components provides a dedicated system, easily installed and easily understood by both installers and owners.  

Review the details of these systems as presented in this website.  I think you will agree that they represent a true breakthrough in marine control systems and confirm our company’s objective....         
to provide systems designed and built for life at sea.

Good sailing, 

Neil Gilmore, Chief of Design, SmartSwitch Technologies
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