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SmartSwitch provides a comprehensive family of fire alarming devices for marine applications.  

The number of zones of protection required, as well as the size of the vessel, will determine the most appropriate configuration for the application. This family includes both hardwired and network solutions.  

For the hardwired solutions, all sensors are wired directly to the display/control unit. For the network solution, control units are mounted in critical locations throughout the vessel. All sensors are wired to the distributed control units. A single two-wire network cable interconnects the control units to a centralized display unit where the status of up to 16 areas is displayed.  

Hardwired Models:

Model FD-Z1

The FD-Z1 Fire Monitor provides an intelligent solution for monitoring one zone. The system consists of the FD-Z1 controller and smoke or heat detectors, or a combination of both. Depending on the voltage of the system, the maximum number of sensors which can be connected is 14 (12v system) or 8 (24v system).  

Model FD-Z2 

The FD-Z2 Fire Monitor provides the same features and operation as the FD-Z1 model, except for two zones. The same voltage related restrictions apply for the number of connected sensors per zone (i.e.) 14 (12v) and 8 (24v).  
This model also offers two different graphics for the control/display panel:


Network Models: 

Models FR-4000, FR-8000, and FR-1600 operate identically, with the only difference being the number of zones they monitor.  

These models provide an intelligent networked solution for the monitoring up of up to 4, 8, or 16 zones. The system consists of the Master Display Unit, one (or two for FR1600)  FR-100 8 zone sensor input unit,  and up to two FEC-6 engine room relay units.  This system allows for the monitoring of up to two-cylinder release doors and cylinder fill/empty switches.

The system communicates via a 2-wire network cable with a maximum cable length of 1000 meters. System components may be located anywhere on the network cable over the length of the cable. 

Each zone can have multiple sensors. An Engine Room Relay Controller can be fitted (model FEC-6) and any zone can be associated to that engine relay box. If there is a fire in a zone associated to the engine relay box - in auto mode it will automatically shut down fans, fuel pumps and/or any device attached to that relay box. In manual mode, the Enter key must be pressed to start this process.

Master Display Unit 

Features include:
• Full indication from one central location on your boat
• Visual indication of fire or fault
• Audible indication of fire or fault
• Isolate any zone
• All zone names programmable (e.g. saloon; engine room; master cabin)

FR-100 zone controller which manages the sensors. 

Features include:
• Up to 8 separate zone inputs per FR-100
• Output relays x 2 rated at 10 amp resistive @ 24VDC
• Relay 1 and Relay 2 close on fire detection
• Relay 2 opens when all zones OK

FEC-6 engine room controller unit for fans, extinguisher bottles, engine ignition, etc 

Features include:
• 6 relays
• Output relay 1 to 4 = 10 A resistive @ 24VDC
• Output relay 5 & 6 = 1 A resistive @ 30VDC
• Relay 4 activated on a programmable timer
• Relay 5 opens when alarm is muted
• 4 inputs (for extinguisher cylinder empty/fill switches)

Fire Alarm Systems
For further details on all SmartSwitch Fire Alarm Systems click on the link below and select the system of interest under the Fire Alarm category in the menu