Fuel Transfer System 
For larger boats with multiple fuel tanks, fuel transfer is necessary to trim the boat or move fuel to day tanks for the engine operation.  The FC-8000 allows this by merely pressing buttons identifying which tank to draw from and where fuel is to be transferred to.  The system takes these inputs and performs a completely automatic transfer – or – the transfer can be performed manually.  In any case, automatic pump shutdown is initiated upon a tank being filled to the desired level.    
Push Start Button
When the Start key is pushed the system will start transferring fuel and the display will now show the transfer screen

The Transfer will stop if:
  • The tank fuel is being transferred TO is FULL
  • The tank fuel is being transferred FROM is EMPTY
  • The STOP key is pushed
  • The pump fails to draw current
  • Either the top or bottom solenoid fails to draw current
A full description of the Fuel Transfer System operation and installation may be found at the SmartSwitch website:

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