The integrity of your navigation lights is vital to boating safety.  It is both dangerous and illegal to have nav lights burned out or off after dusk.  SmartSwitch Technologies new Nav Light Systems monitor the status of your nav lighting (NV-2000) and, in the NV-8000 system, provide automatic control as well.  

Click on the video above to see a demonstration of an NV-8000 navigational light system applied to a large fishing vessel which operates in the Bering Sea.

The Nav Light Systems use the same network technology as the very successful tank and bilge systems providing:

  • Central monitoring via Master Display Unit giving status of each light and alarms
  • Monitoring of up to 32 Nav Lights (Model NV-2000)
  • Monitoring & Control of up to 16 Nav Lights (Model NV-8000)
  • Used for both filiment and the newer LED lighting systems
  • Monitors both the lamps and wiring in the Nav Light circuits

Click on these links for details on SmartSwitch Nav Light Systems 

NV-8000 Nav Light Monitoring/Control

NV-2000 Nav Light Monitor

Navigation Lights Monitoring/Control 
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