All SmartSwitch tank management solutions are suitable for fuel, freshwater, grey, and black tanks.

All solutions have direct pump control for black and grey tanks including the ability to directly control pumps for a black or grey tank, and auto-shutdown-on-empty to save pump damage.

Each is simple to install, and comes with 2- and 5-point calibration setup options for regular or irregular tank geometries.  

SmartSwitch Tank Management Systems

SmartSwitch of New Zealand offers four choices for tank management allowing monitoring of tank levels and control of pumps from a single, centralized location.  For applications of up to 4 tanks, the TD-4000 and the TM-4000 are very similar in functionality, with the TD-4000 offering the lower cost solution.  If tank management is required for between 5 and 8 tanks, the TC-8000 is ideal. 
Pump Control
If the application has up to four tanks, the TD-4000 offers a cost-effective solution.  TD-4000 can also control up to two pumps, with an interposing relay to power the pump motor. The TM-4000 provides an optional solid-state control rated at 80 amps @12v DC for direct control of pumps with no interposing relay required.  The TC-8000 has a similar option for pump control as the TM-4000.  

Network vs. Hardwired
The TD-4000 is a “non-network” or “hardwired” system and can provide a lower equipment cost than the other three alternatives.  However, the total installed cost compared to networked systems depends on the need for pump control and the physical arrangement and size of the vessel.  

The TM-4000 and the TC-8000 are network systems which utilize a Remote Tank Controller (RTC) at each tank.  All RTC’s are connected in daisy-chain fashion using a two-wire network, which is ultimately wired back to the Master Display Unit (MDU).  All tank levels are displayed at the MDU and pump control is initiated by MDU pushbutton input.  

All systems can accommodate the same two options for tank senders.  These include resistive-type (WEMA-style) and pressure-type senders (SmartSwitch Models SEN-S/S).    

Therefore, the price differential among systems is based on the number of tanks, the electronics that support the Master Display for level indication and pump control and the choice of sender.  

Besides hundreds of applications on personal vessels throughout the world, the TM-4000 is the standard used by Maritimo Yachts for their boats built in Australia and the TD-4000 is the standard used by Grand Banks Yachts for their boats built in Singapore.  

The diagram below summarizes the difference between the TM-4000 and TD-4000 two systems (the TM-8000 and TC-8000 are identical in configuration to the TM-4000).   

TC-8000 Eight Channel Tank 
Monitoring and Control

Installation and Operations Manual:

TC-8000 System Overview

The TC-8000 Tank Controller has been developed to allow monitoring of fluid levels and to provide intelligent intervention for controlling pumps for up to 8 tanks. It is a network system consisting of the TC-8000 Master Display Unit and up to 8 Input/Output Units located near the tanks. In addition, and as an option, any number of RB-800 Remote Display Units may be added to provide tank status displays throughout the vessel. 

All  devices are interconnected by a 2-wire network cable similar to that used for telephone installations. The Master Display Unit (MDU) controls communication with all attached I/O Units and provides monitoring of tank levels and pumps status as well as pump control - all from a central location. System components may be located anywhere on the network cable and the cable may be up to 1000 meters in length. 

Either new or existing senders may be used as the in-tank level sensor.  In the event yours is a retrofit application and you have operating senders, the TC-8000 can be interfaced to WEMA-type senders of either the resistance or milliamp style using a standard adapter.  If a new application or your existing senders are questionable, SmartSwitch can supply a pressure-type sensor for reliable and accurate level detection.  

These features, unique to the TC-8000, provide maximum flexibility in locating components onboard the vessel while minimizing wiring costs. 

TC-8000 Tank Monitoring/Control – Key Features

  • High-speed network connects all system components
  • Allows future addition of tank controllers, monitors and remote display units in a “plug and play” fashion
  • Industry standard RS-485 network significantly reduces wiring costs for connection of system elements 
  • Total cable length of 1000 meters, allows maximum flexibility for location of displays and controllers. 
  • Robust electrical system for pump control
  • Solid state (MOSFET) power electronics used to control pumps means zero maintenance and outstanding reliability
  • Outputs rated at 88 amps continuous (@12V) and 280 amps inrush means no concerns about matching pump motor characteristics with controls. 
  • Built-in features for overload, overheat, and short circuit protects motors. 
  • Two level sensors - WEMA and Solid State Pressure-type Tank Level Sensors
  • Automatic calibration is provided for irregularly shaped tanks providing accurate liquid volumes. 
  • Control Interlocked with Seacock Valves - Pumping control is interlocked with seacock position to prevent a pump starting with seacock in closed position. Operator is alerted via MDU alarm sounding and seacock icon flashing on display
  • Toilet Control Interlocked to Black Tank – In the event the black tank is full, a control relay is energized to disable the toilet control preventing overflow.
  • Direct measurement of pump motor operation - Rather than monitoring only whether the command has been given to start a pump, HT-100/P Input/Output units monitor the actual current passing through motor windings providing alarms via Master Display Unit for any problems related to blown fuse, open motor winding, or jammed rotor. 
  • Tank names programmable  - Tank names are fully programmable providing instant recognition of tank during normal control operations or under alarm conditions 

Grey and Black Tank Operation – Three modes of operation controlled by key switch: 
  •  Manual Mode – Alarms sounds and tank icon flashes when tank is full. A 3 amp relay will turn on when tank is full and off when tank has been emptied by 1/8 th – can be used to drive a light on an alarm panel or disable toilet controller.
  •  Auto Grey Mode – Any tank programmed as a “grey” tank, and equipped with the HB-200/P pump controller, will automatically start, run until empty, then stop automatically. If equipped with the HB-200 (tank monitor w/o pump control), the alarm will sound. In either case, the “black” tank when full will not start a pump-out, but will sound the alarm. 
  •  Auto-All Mode – Any tank programmed as “grey” or “black” and equipped with the HB-200/P will automatically start when full, run until empty, then stop automatically. If equipped with the HB-200 (tank monitor w/o pump control), the alarm will sound. 

Fresh Tank Operation – Two modes of operation:
  •  Manual Mode – Relay “one” will come on automatically when the tank is empty and off when full alert of "low fresh water"
  •  Auto Mode - The HB-200/P pump output control and relay “two” will turn on automatically when the tank reaches a programmed low level and turn off when the tank is full enabling a command to a water maker 

Fuel and Day Fuel Tank Operation – Fuel tanks are permanently in the “Auto” mode. 
  • The HB-200/P pump output control and relay “two” will turn on automatically when the tank reaches a programmed low level and turn off when the tank is full. 
 TM-4000 Four Channel Tank Monitoring and Control

TM-4000/8000 Tank Monitoring/Control Key Features

In similar fashion to the TC-8000, the TM-4000 and TM-8000 can be used for monitoring and control of up to four (4) or eight (8) tanks incorporating many of the advanced features of the TC-8000.  

Input/Output Units mounted near tanks for level detection and pump control are identical to those used for the TC-8000.  

Installation and Operations Manual: 

TD-4000 Four Channel Tank and Battery Monitoring

The SmartSwitch TD 4000 tank system is suitable for diesel, petrol, grey, freshwater and black tanks.

Simple to install, the TD 4000 comes with two setup options depending on regular or odd tank shape.  Two point calibration for regular shaped tanks (low and full) and five point calibration for odd shaped tanks.

Monitor and control up to 4 Tanks or Batteries or combination of both  

For Tanks:
  • Two or five point calibration means you can monitor any shape tank.
  • Solid State micro processor display head means accurate tank readings.
  • Four inputs so you can monitor up to four tanks/batteries
  • Pump control for one or two pumps
  • Toilet flush disable signal for electric toilets to prevent flushing into a full holding tank
  • Two display modes allow tank info to be read in percentages and litres/gallons/volts or bar graph
  • Programmable alarms means alarm when Grey/Black tanks are full or Fresh/Fuel are empty
  • 12-24 Volt auto-sensing
  • Name individual tanks/batteries i.e. Fresh Port, Black, Grey or house, aux battery or as required
  • Attractive blue LCD display with white text for easy to read display

For Batteries:
  • The TD 4000 can monitor up to 4 batteries using the optional BAT-100   (0-30 volt DC)

Installation and Operations Manual: 

Tank Monitoring and Control 
SmartSwitch offers three unique products for centralized monitoring and control of marine tanks :

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