Model SMS-2/4/8 
  Vessel Systems Monitor

Monitor and Control your boat from your cell phone using the SmartSwitch Yacht-Guard ....  and monitor your boat's GPS position at any time...  including a GPS alarm if your boat strays out of a programmed geofence

Receive text messages on your cell phone alerting you potential problems on your boat.  Whether it’s a shore power disconnect, intruder alarm, bilge pump running, high water in the bilge, GPS alarm, etc – up to eight different conditions can be monitored from your cell phone wherever you are in the world.  The Yacht-Guard requires no monthly monitoring fees or third party involvement in monitoring your vessel's status. Total on-going cost is about $5 per month for access to the AT&T cellular network.  

For more information and pricing contact 

Marine Control Systems
 Howard Hill 
Marine Control Systems
Email: marinecontrol@comcast.net
Phone:  412-720-3430

For complete information see the Installation and Operation Manual 

Brief Overview of Features:   

Three models with two, four, or eight inputs and 2 or 4 outputs– Monitor switching devices (any device that has contacts which close or open upon activation such as a bilge float switch, motion detector for intruders, smoke detector, etc.)  

Control up to four devices via text message commands using system's outputs .  Turn on the fridge/freezer, underwater lighting, air conditioner or any other device.  An output can also be dedicated to a siren or strobe light and direct-connected to a motion detector.

Easy to install – just connect the Yacht-Guard to the devices you want to monitor or control on your boat. 

Monitors its own/boat supply voltage - Generates an alarm text message for low battery at 11.5v DC (for 12v system) or 22.5v DC (for 24v system) 

Check current status of Input and Output status in real time using your cell phone

Up to 6 cell phones can be designated to receive alerts and issue commands

No computer required - all changes and set-up made by text messages from your cell phone 

Sample of features programmed using your cell phone:

  • Program input names via text message – names up to 20 characters in length
  • Input delays – select from six time delays from 100ms to 15 minutes 
  • Latching or Non latching Inputs 
  • Programmable normally open or normally closed input
  • Link any input to any output
  • And many, many more...

Compact Size can be mounted anywhere: 4.5 in x 3in x 1.25in (117mm x 78mm x 30mm) 

Get the Yacht-Guard Installation and Operations Manual